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New cab key to redesign

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Q-companion box. Q-companion box.

Demand for a retrofit option for its older loader models has prompted Quicke to develop ‘Q-companion’, a unit that fits the 350,000 Dimension and Trima Plus loaders made 2005 - 2017.

Launched in 2017, the Q-companion is used for load weighing and safely storing weighing data in the Q-companion app. 

Magnus Sundell, product manager at Ålö, says the Q-companion is “accurate, affordable and intuitive, so adapting it to fit older loader models was a natural step”. 

The product makes it easy for users to document yield and time spent loading, and get an overall view of the material flow in their business. 

The retrofit kit for the older loader models comes as a package containing all the necessary parts for installation in a few hours, either by the farmer himself or by a dealer mechanic.


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