Wine Tourism

The opening of the trans-Tasman bubble in April was an exciting development which will benefit our industry in multiple ways,…



Vintage 2021 - Nelson

Nelson was dealt a significantly low fruit set and crop this year, says Andrew Greenhough, with yields of Greenhough Vineyards'…

Mahi in Marlborough

Brian Bicknell is carfully watching the shifting landscapes of hospitality around the world, hoping to gauge the strength of Mahi's…

Vintage 2021 - Gisborne

The 2021 harvest was the latest in a run of kind harvests for Gisborne, says Matawhero owner Kirsten Searle.


The Big Dipper

Once a year, when capsicum prices bottom out (which means they’re at their freshest best) I make the Big Dipper,…

Bob's Blog: Back to the Future

An increasing number of winemakers are employing ancient winemaking techniques to produce wines with gustatory as well as historic merit.

Fizz Facts

Our annual Christmas Eve party put pressure on my modest stock of champagne flutes. I have about 30 champagne flutes…

Wine serving order

The general convention for serving order is dry before sweet, ordinary before fine, and young before old.




Machinery & Products


Ted on tour

A new and improved version of Naïo Technologies’ autonomous weeding robot, Ted, has been revealed prior to a tour of…

Smart Sprayer

Claimed to be some of the most revolutionary spray technology to enter the Australasian market, the BA Smart Sprayer powered…

Rex set to go

Italian tractor manufacturer Landini, well-known for its specialised tractors in the vineyard and orchard sectors, has announced a new addition…

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Perfect pivots — Editorial

Perfect pivots — Editorial

Misha Wilkinson’s description of “pirouetting” through Covid-19 seems apt, given the industry’s need to stay on its toes throughout this…

Save our soils — Editorial

Save our soils — Editorial

There’s been something of a makeover in New Zealand vineyards in recent years, as the clean-cut look of sprayed rows…

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