Vredo is testing 15 and 18-metre wide slurry injection rigs, dubbed ‘XL’.

Dutch effluent specialist Vredo is testing 15 and 18-metre wide slurry injection rigs for the upcoming 2022 spreading season.

Numedic has introduced the HS series – a shore mounted, selfpriming range of pumps.

Choosing the right pump for an effluent system is the key to ensuring a system works well and gives many years of reliable service.

The new Strautmann TS range was introduced at Fieldays 2021.

Palmerston North headquartered Strautmann Hopkins Ltd imports the extensive range of Strautmann Muck Spreaders for farmers and contractors, built by the German builder that calls on over 60 years of development, manufacturing and experience in the field of specialised spreaders.

Forsi is taking its technology abroad, such as a project about to be commissioned at the City University of Hong Kong.

While well known in New Zealand’s dairying circles, Matamata-based Forsi Innovations are also sought further afield, such as a project about to be commissioned at the City University of Hong Kong.

Depending on your aims, you will have different levels of interaction with your technology.

Technology is constantly evolving, meaning products change quickly so you need to ensure improvements and upgrades are yielding value from day one. When looking at on farm upgrades, WaterForce suggests that the following are key questions in your investment research:

OPD coming on all Oz ATVs

With just a month to go before all new and secondhand imported ATVs bikes sold in Australia must be fitted with operator protection devices (OPD) and meet minimum stability requirements, one in six quad bikes for sale through dealerships do not meet the new national safety standards.

The grazier uses the No Fence app to draw virtual boundaries or 'breaks' within a paddock.

While New Zealand is regarded to be the home of No. 8 wire and electric fencing, it looks like the future of fencing might be virtual.

One of the two Valtra tractors equipped with trailed sprayers, owned by the Butlers' spray contracting business.

The first Valtra tractor joined the Butler family's farming business in 2000, bought in a hurry to work on a Canterbury conversion and proving itself to be capable and reliable. The business has since owned another eight.

Easy reading of silent heats

The Tailpainter heat detection tool is now complemented by the Daisy Paint tail paint range, which made its debut at the 2021 National Fieldays.

New Holland updates app

New Holland has announced the first major update of 2021 for the MyPLM Connect Farm desktop platform and mobile app, which includes support for prescriptions, tillage and large square balers, new layer visualisations and machine utilisation maps.

An evolution of ATV and quad rollover protection, the AR quad safety bar uses compressed gas and an electronic control system to offer fully automated, pneumatic roll-over protection – with full deployment in less than 250 milliseconds.

Kuhn has unveiled two new models in its belt merger range, to meet the increasing demand of customers looking to harvest impurity-free forage while reducing the operating costs.

Obviously not wishing to get left behind by some of its competitors, Italian manufacturer Merlo is planning to add to its green-liveried telehandler range with another set of green credentials in the shape of an all-new, all-electric battery-powered Merlo e-Worker model.

A switch to KUHN film binding is paying off for one South Waikato baling contractor, Ireland Contracting, who bought two FBP 3135 balers last spring, attracted to the KUHN FBP’s bale quality (shape and density) and reliability of the film binding system.

We've got used to many forms of tech in agriculture, such as global positioning systems (GPS), auto steering and variable rate application of fertilisers and sprays. Now it looks like the mundane task of moving bales is about to see an upgrade.

Despite Covid, the need for the world to eat has kept farmers busy, meaning that they continue to buy new kit and machinery – so manufacturers are also busy.

Feeding livestock can bring with it several challenges including labour shortages, wasted feed, higher prices for smaller quantities, intake monitoring and dominant animals bullying more timid individuals.

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