Installation of the slurry tanks is said to be straightforward, without the need for a concrete base.

With effluent management never far from the thoughts of legislators and farmers becoming increasingly aware of the nutrient values of dairy effluent, innovate ideas for the convenient storage and subsequent discharge are always of interest.

India accounted for around 36% of the estimated 2.5 million tractors sold worldwide last year.

While the average size of a tractor in India is much smaller than in Europe or North America, the market is booming, with a record 915,474 tractors sold last year – five times greater than the Western European and three times larger than North American markets.

Reese Engineering is the company behind the Aitchison brand known for seeders, rollers and spreaders.

In what appears to be a casualty of the downturn in the agricultural sector, a well-known machinery brand is now in the hands of liquidators and owing creditors $6.6 million.

The all-new KGM Torres medium sized SUV.

KGM New Zealand, is part of the London headquartered Inchcape Group, who increased its NZ presence in August 2023 with the acquisition of SsangYong distribution and five retail outlets.

Grant McLaggan says the days of cows slipping and falling into the pit are over.

Waikato farm manager Grant McLaggan knew he had a problem two years ago when a few pushy cows ended up in the pit of his 30-aside herringbone milking shed.

Can-Am showcases range

Based on industry data collected by the Motor Industry Association, Can-Am is the number one side-by-side manufacturer in New Zealand.

The new 24m BacPac Umbilical ground-level application boom with section control and variable rate flow meter.

With slurry and dairy effluent being recognised as an asset by most farmers, it makes sense to have it applied in a way that makes the most of the nutrients carried within.

King Cobra travelling rain gun covers large areas in a short time.

Since its release almost a decade ago, Numedic's King Cobra rain-gun has earned a solid reputation as a productive and widely supported unit.

The ALTA system makes complete unloading on hilly terrain a reality.

Effluent specialists the Samson Group have developed a new double unloading system to help optimise uphill and downhill organic fertiliser spreading.

Samasz sets its sights high

Since its arrival in New Zealand, Polish mower manufacturer Samasz, currently celebrating 40 years in business, has carved a niche with its highend butterfly style triple set-ups.

JCB’s new hydrogen prototype.

When it comes to alternative fuels for industrial and agricultural use, current electric technology means that the size of a battery will run to many tonnes to achieve a day’s meaningful work.

There have been many minor model changes but underneath the Trojan is still the farm workhorse its predecessors were.

The DR200 Trojan farm two-wheeler motorcycle was introduced over 28 years ago, when the engineering team at Suzuki New Zealand Ltd first set about making a purpose-built farm bike for our unique conditions.

The saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke -don’t fix it’, so it’s no surprise to see an old favourite in the shape of the Honda CT125 still doing it like it always did, but with a revamp from the iconic CT110 that started things.

Recently gaining traction in New Zealand, since being founded as recently as 2019, Segway Powersports is a subsidiary of the Segway- Ninebot Group, with its products being sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

French manufacturer Pichon, imported and retailed in New Zealand by Norwood, has introduced two new twin-axle ‘Slurry Vacuum’ SV slurry tankers.

KUHN Farm Machinery has introduced a new flagship FC 13460 RA trailed mower conditioner, in the shape of the FC 13460RA, aimed at users requiring increased capacity and efficiency from a wider trailed machine.

Having upped the ante in the alternative fuels segment for use in tractors with its T6 Methane tractor, last year New Holland took a majority interest in Bennamann, a company specialising in methane capture.

The first stage of government regulations designed to reduce environmental harm from end-of-life tyres is about to take effect, realising a proposal that has been discussed for many years.

With a likelihood that fertiliser prices may take another hike because of ships bypassing the Suez Canal, smart farmers will be taking a closer look at their dairy effluent as a nutrient source – with additional benefits gained by increasing soil organic matter, leading to improved water holding, aeration and drainage.

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