Oat dear!

OPINION: Oat 'milk' is facing a crisis of sorts.

Cows to stay home

OPINION: Eleven cows from Auckland's Cornwall Park will no longer be exported to Mongolia to participate in a breeding programme.

No fooling around

OPINION: The non-performing China Farms have always been a source of headaches for Fonterra.

Conspiracy Cranks

OPINION: If we needed further proof that the Outdoors Party has drifted away from from being about hunting & fishing and is now home to every conspiracy theory known to man, look no further than its recent statements about the Covid vaccine.

A dairy snack for kids made by the Gloriavale Christian Community has been dropped by two distributors because of "reputational" issues.

Cows in lockdown

OPINION: Over the past year the world has been shown the psychological damage that lockdown can have on human wellbeing.

Seaweed to the rescue

OPINION: Researchers at the University of California report an 82% reduction in methane emissions in cows fed small doses of seaweed a day for 21 weeks.

Foot in mouth

OPINION: A mate of Milking It recently opined that Ag Minister Damien O'Connor is a sitter for the moniker 'Minister of Foot in Mouth Disease' after yet another clumsy public statement.

The Southland Advisory Group advice was presented to Environment Minister David Parker (pictured) and Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor in December 2020.

OPINION: The Government's delay in responding to an advisory group’s recommendations to improve winter grazing rules in Southland and North Otago is puzzling.

Keeping it fresher

OPINION: Researchers at Chulalongkorn Graduate University have developed 'PASS+', a system that uses UV light to help keep milk fresh and reduce transportation costs for farmers.

Synlait woes

OPINION: The misery of a2 milk is being passed onto its New Zealand partners, including Canterbury processor Synlait.

A2 Milk misery

OPINION: In recent years Fonterra has been ridiculed by commentators about the fact that it has been upstaged by a young dairy company, a2 Milk.

Organic milk joy

OPINION: Fonterra farmers will be hoping (and praying) for their second ever $8-plus milk price this season, but for the co-op's 70 organic milk suppliers, another $10-plus payout is almost a certainty.

Oat milk sells

OPINION: Fake milk works for some. Fashionable Swedish alt-milk brand Oatly is seeking a US stock market listing that could value the business at as much as NZ$13 billion.

If you think labour shortage on New Zealand dairy farms is unique to our country, then think again.

OPINION: Nitrates from dairy farms have long been suspected of polluting waterways around New Zealand, now they could be "killing" people, according to Greenpeace.

Remember that Meadow Fresh commercial where a little girl rides her bike to buy a gallon of milk from the local dairy?

OPINION: It's been a bad week for Fonterra. 

OPINION: Immune system support and disease prevention are top of mind for Americans stuck at home during Covid lockdowns and in a cycle of inactivity – led by excess time in front of computer, smartphone and television screens. 

OPINION: Last week's announcement by the Government that it would replace the Resource Management Act (RMA) with new legislation has raised the hopes of anti-dairying lobbyists like Greenpeace.

OPINION: Greenpeace continues to use flawed arguments to advance its crusade against our dairy industry.

European plant-based milk brands are spearheading a campaign to overturn new proposed EU rules that could have dire consequences for vegan food companies.

Remember Shane Ardern driving his tractor up the Beehive steps in Wellington 17 years ago?

ONE OF the world’s largest dairy companies is facing a minor shareholder revolt.

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Milking It

Oat dear!

OPINION: Oat 'milk' is facing a crisis of sorts.

Cows to stay home

OPINION: Eleven cows from Auckland's Cornwall Park will no longer be exported to Mongolia to participate in a breeding programme.

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