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New drenches aim to give cattle a ‘Turbo’ boost

Written by  Staff Reporters
Alleva’s Turbo injection is offered as an alternate treatment for cattle that are too large for an oral drench. Alleva’s Turbo injection is offered as an alternate treatment for cattle that are too large for an oral drench.

New Zealand owned and operated company Alleva Animal Health is claiming a series of world-firsts with four new drench formulas that come together in a drench programme for cattle.

The programme is split out into three key stages of growth and it says each product contains a world-first formula that targets parasites that are particularly prevalent during that stage. Along with parasite coverage, the company says it has invested heavily in ensuring this programme also meets other requirements for farmers – including using active ingredients that are high potency and provide a wide margin of safety when treating cattle. 

The range includes four products, including Turbo Initial – an oral drench specifically designed for weaned calves. Alleva says it provides worm parasite coverage, as well as helping to protect against coccidiosis and the combination bridges the gap between calves coming off coccidiostat treated meal onto pasture where their natural coccidiosis immunity has not yet developed. 

“To be able to provide farmers with one product that meets their needs in terms of worm control as well as coccidiosis coverage for young stock is massive” says Alleva Animal Health general manager Blair Loveridge. “The initial feedback from vets has been really positive and it’s great timing with dairy calf weaning just around the corner.”

The second product in the range is also an oral drench named Turbo Advance. This targets cattle in that second stage of growth, where coccidiosis immunity has developed and they are still a safe size to drench orally. 

The company claims this world-first combination provides farmers with internal parasite control and trace elements within that high potency, wide margin of safety formula. It can also be used on cattle under 120kg, which is often not an option with many other drench combinations, allowing for variations in growth rates within mobs.

“We’ve listened to the market and worked with vets to iron out as many pain points of cattle drench options in New Zealand as we can,” Loveridge adds. “The result is really exciting and a huge leap forward in terms of efficacy and safety in cattle drenches.” 

Meanwhile, Turbo Pour-on and Injection are alternate treatments for the third stage of growth, suitable for cattle that are too large for an oral drench. Turbo Pour-on uses the DMI-Sorb rain resistant technology created by Alleva to meet New Zealand’s weather conditions, along with yet another world-first formula extending safety margins and potency levels compared to other combinations. It says that Turbo Injection offers the same benefits for parasite control, along with protection against sucking lice. 

“We know farmers have enough to do without worrying about the perfect drench programme,” Loveridge says. “The Turbo range gives farmers a programme to work through with their vet and target those parasites at specific stages of growth.”

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