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Water data at all times

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Farmbot water trough sensor. Farmbot water trough sensor.

A clever trough monitoring system from Australian supplier Farmbot, allows farmers to remotely monitor water supplies to stock, using a clever device aptly named the Wireless Trough Sensor.

Delivering data to the Farmbot Monitor, via a wired or wireless connection, farmers can view real-time consumption trends and variations via a cloud-based dashboard, with the added benefit of alerts should an issue occur at the trough, allowing prompt investigation.

System software allows farmers to receive information on average and minimum water levels and these can be analysed over time from the farm office computer or a mobile hand- held device.

“Having already developed and manufacturing monitors for water dams, water lines, diesel tanks and rain gauges, it was a natural progression to move into water troughs,” comments Farmbot’s managing director Andrew Coppin.

The Wireless Trough Sensor is offered as an add-on to the Farmbot Monitor, a device which integrates Farmbot’s range of sensors and monitoring devices installed around the farm. The cloud based MyFarmbot dashboard collects, stores and reports on information from each monitoring location from anywhere at any time.

The technology leverages satellite connectivity and can alert farmers when there is an issue with their water infrastructure that would lead to excess waste such as a leak, overflow or broken pump. Using the Wireless Trough Sensor, farmers can also quickly identify issues that may be preventing their animals from consuming water, reducing the risk of dehydration and the associated impacts to growth rates and fertility.

Trough sensor

  • Forewarns of impending problems
  • Save time on fuel & labour costs
  • Provides insights into livestock drinking habits
  • Robust trough design
  • Easy installation & relocation
  • Sensor cable guard and base plate add-on

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