Friday, 29 May 2020 09:51

Calling all 5G nutters

Written by  Milking It

You can just about understand the NZ Outdoors Party’s stance on 1080. It’s not a scientific stance, but at least it aligns with the views of a constituency.

But getting on board with the 5G conspiracy theories really weakens its credibility.

Put simply, 5G is just a new application of radio technology. Existing research on the possible health effects of radiofrequency (RF) fields applies as much to 5G as to any other radio system in use. 

A lot of research on RF fields has been published, and health and scientific bodies around the world have reviewed such research thoroughly.

The Ministry of Health website has links to some recent reviews, if you’re interested in science over scaremongering. 

Bottom line, it is safe. No need to burn down cell towers just because your dropkick cousin shared misinformation on Facebook. Fringe party policies don’t have to be flaky, but they often are.

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