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Spot fertiliser applicator keeps costs in check

Written by  Mark Daniel
Pudama is available on the Optima TF Profi maize drill model. Pudama is available on the Optima TF Profi maize drill model.

The Kverneland Pudama principle delivers spot placement of fertiliser in maize, rather than continuous fertiliser placement. As a result, it has the capability to deliver a 25% saving on starter fertiliser, with no noticeable loss of yield.

With a patented air-shot and brush mechanism that preserves fertiliser quality, Pudama is available on the Optima TF Profi maize drill model, as well as the folding frame Optima F model, where its 6m folding frame can carry up to 12 SX seeding units for those wanting a 50cm row width; or eight units working at 75m row spacing.

With its Pudama precision drilling solution, Kverneland claims to have set a new standard in maize seeding, with the amount of starter fertiliser reduced by at least 25%.

Pudama stands for a systematic, focused spot fertiliser application during maize sowing, using the patented airshot and brush mechanism, enabling precision sowing of maize with the synchronised placement of a starter fertiliser deposit exactly next to the maize seed where it is needed.

Using this technology, scientists of the Institute for Construction and Agricultural Machinery Technology of Cologne have proven that at least 25% of the starter fertiliser can be saved, compared to conventional continuous band fertilisation, while ensuring overall yield potential is still maintained.

A series of trials carried out in the UK during the 2023 season have supported a further 30 Europe-wide trials. Using an 8-row trailed Optima TF Profi equipped with Pudama, the UK testing compared the results at harvest to maize grown with conventional fertiliser placement. A one-hectare plot grown conventionally produced a dry matter yield of 16,412kg, against Pudama’s 16,376kg yield. In real terms, that represented a significant cost saving on fertiliser, for a difference of only 36kg of dry matter.

The Pudama technology was originally incorporated on the trailed frame Optima TF Profi and now the folding frame Optima F combined with the front hopper f-drill. The parallel- hydraulic folding frame of the Optima F offers a 6.0m tool carrier capable of carrying up to 12 SX seeding units at 50cm, or eight units at 75cm spacing.

Said to be suited to the needs of larger farmers and contractors, the Optima F offers performance in the field, rapid folding and the ability to be stored in transport position. The KV Optima F combined with the f-drill front-hopper for the fertiliser transport is said to offer manoeuvrability, optimum weight balance and precision seed drilling with high daily outputs.

Pudama on Optima F was introduced at Agritechnica 2023 and will be available as a limited series from in 2024, whilst Pudama on Optima TFprofi is already fully available.

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