Friday, 18 October 2019 12:58

Quicke, don’t miss out

Written by  Mark Daniel
Quicke joystick. Quicke joystick.

Leading frontloader maker Quicke has released details of its latest technology – the Quicke Control System (QCS), all designed by the company itself.

It offers a full range, from the simple and cost efficient mechanical loader control QM-command, to the ergonomic QE-command – a new electronic joystick. 

The QE-command enables electronic control with great hand ergonomics and the possibility of operating all loader functions as standard. Combined with a three-section valve, a conveniently located rocker allows independent and proportional third-service control, dubbed Live3.

 Q-companion, a driver support system that includes load weighing, can be integrated with the QE-command joystick on which a scrolling wheel makes menu selection easy and comfortable. 

QE-command and Q-companion combine to offer advanced control allowing, for example, user settings and instructions to be delivered via a colour display. The combination also provides a platform for future software updates where active loader functions will be introduced, such as repeatable work cycles and range limitation.

 The mechanical joystick, QM-command, is available with different handles to suit customer preference and the number of electro-hydraulic options on the loader. This removes the need for external switches or buttons, which can be difficult to locate effectively. 

Also new are multi-couplers, called QC4 and QC6. These deliver 4- or 6-port configuration and use an integrated electrical connector. The couplings have been increased to 0.5 inch size for lower frictional losses, quicker cycle times and savings on fuel. A dust protection cover opens and closes automatically, and the couplings are connectable under full working pressure.Electro-hydraulic valves have stepper motor actuators for best possible driveability, and low-pressure regeneration eliminates the risk of cavitation in the loader cylinders. An inlet pressure compensator ensures load-independent control on open centre tractor hydraulic systems. 

The QCS design briefs included key areas like reducing pressure drop, easier to use multi-couplers, quicker lift cycles and better integration with tractors equipped with high output hydraulic systems. 

Also, customers choosing the electronic joystick and Q-companion combined will be able to upgrade to active and application-based software functions soon.

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