Monday, 19 October 2020 10:06

Battery charger range recharged

Written by  Mark Daniel

Projecta's popular ‘Charge N’ Maintain’ automatic battery charger range has now been recharged – with the introduction of new features across four new models.

Ideal for agricultural, automotive and marine applications. The compact new ‘connect & forget’ charger variants are ‘Smart Chargers’ because they contain technology that provides switchable charging stages, to ensure accurate and efficient battery charging and maintenance. This allows longer life and improved battery performance over an extended period. 

 All models in the Charge N’ Maintain range are able to ascertain the battery’s level of charge, allowing the charger to regulate its load and optimise charging and stopping when the battery reaches capacity.

Along with their smart-charging capabilities to prevent overcharging of batteries, the range also provides spark-free operation. It is protected against accidental reverse connection, significantly increasing safety. For reliability, the range is weatherproof to IP65, supplied with an interchangeable fused wiring harness is also included for permanent installation.

The Charge N’ Maintain range begins with a 4-stage, 0.8 Amp 12V model (AC008). It them moves to a 4-stage AC015 model, rated at 1.5 Amp 12V, to the 8-stage, 4 Amp 6V/12V model (AC040). 

The latter can be used for charging flat or low batteries, including 6V batteries that are sometimes found in older vehicles. 

The largest unit is the 8-stage, 8 Amp 12V AC080, which has adjustable output to suit the battery type but is exclusive for use with 12V batteries. 

Said to be easy to operate, AC008 and AC015 models feature colour code charge indicators showing ‘Power on’, ‘Charging’ and ‘Fully Charged’. Meanwhile, the AC040 and AC080 variants are equipped with LCD screen displays to monitor charging status.   

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