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130 years old and still going strong

Written by  Mark Daniel
Waratah Jio MaxY post, Jio clips, Gallagher insulator. Waratah Jio MaxY post, Jio clips, Gallagher insulator.

Waratah has designed and developed fencing products for 130 years, always aiming for easier to install, simpler to maintain and better performing fencing.

The manufacturer accepts that farmers are traditional about fencing and timber will remain a popular choice of material, but believes steel fencing products have a lot to offer.

At this year's Southern Field Days at Waimumu, Waratah's galvanized Jio Star and the bigger Jio MaxY were popular and the newly released 2.7m Jio MaxY post was welcomed by industrial contractors and deer farmers, who noted that with 30+ holes along its length, there were plenty of wire attachment points for using the Jio clip for high fencing jobs.

In lots of cases a bigger strainer is needed for high fences, so Waratah also released a 3.25m Ezypipe strainer post which goes in the ground about 1.2m and works with the steel Waratah Adjusta-stay for a complete strainer assembly.

Wire tie-off is easy for professionals, but not everyone can tie a neat knot and indeed don't want to. For these individuals the Gripple T-clip is available; it brings each line wire around the strainer post, hooking the legs of the T-clip onto the line wire, pushing the wire through the one-way hole to complete the join.

The T-clip has been around for nearly eight years – a simple and effective way of preventing sore hands suffered in tying-off line wires.

Also for wire joining and tensioning, the Gripple Plus range is available in small, medium and large sizes; The Gripple tool can be used to join two wires or to tension each wire.

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