Wednesday, 05 February 2020 08:50

Coronavirus infects dairy prices

Written by  Staff Reporters
Dairy prices have fallen as concern grows around coronavirus. Dairy prices have fallen as concern grows around coronavirus.

Global dairy prices have taken a hit in the overnight auction.

As predicted by the futures market, prices fell as concerns grew around coronavirus in China and its impact on global trade.

China is Fonterra’s major key market: Around 11% of all dairy consumption in China comes from Fonterra

The GDT price index fell 4.7%: whole milk powder down 6.2%, skimmed milk powder down 4.2%, and butter up 0.2%.

Updated coronavirus statistics show confirmed cases total 20,708 worldwide (20,483 in China), of which 4% have recovered, 13% are in critical condition, and 427 have died (425 in China).

Key results

AMF index down 4.5%, average price US$4,626/MT

Butter index up 0.2%, average price US$4,258/MT

BMP index down 5.2%, average price US$2,886/MT

Ched index up 6.0%, average price US$4,302/MT

LAC index up 2.5%, average price US$830/MT

RenCas index up 6.0%, average price US$9,956/MT

SMP index down 4.2%, average price US$2,907/MT

SWP index not available, average price not available

WMP index down 6.2%, average price US$3,039/MT

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