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Minimise risk in stock moving

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Farmers are being urged to update NAIT records of all animal movements on June 1. Farmers are being urged to update NAIT records of all animal movements on June 1.

Don't put your livelihood at risk when moving or selling stock over the Gypsy Day period, says Ospri New Zealand.

It wants farmers to call OSPRI to update NAIT and TBfree details and record all animal movements.                                                                  

“This will help protect New Zealand’s reputation as a producer of high quality, safe food and maintain access to valuable international markets,” says Stu Hutchings, OSPRI group manager.

 Up-to-date NAIT data allows farmers to get back to business sooner in the event of a biosecurity incursion or food safety concern and is already being used to contain animal diseases like bovine tuberculosis (TB). 

 “By keeping their NAIT and TBfree details updated, farmers can have peace of mind that livestock – not animal disease – will be the only thing they move around the country on Gypsy Day,” says Hutchings.

 NAIT data is used to trace the movements of potentially infected stock, on and off farm, so the source of the disease can be identified and special TB testing schemes set up to contain the infection.

 As long as your contact details and location are updated, OSPRI can call you when your herd is due for a TB test, he says. “Updating your details is quick and easy and a pivotal part of keeping TB under control.”

To protect their farming business, herd owners should follow these simple steps when moving or selling stock this Gypsy Day.

Check the TB status and testing requirements of the area into which you’re moving cattle.

Correctly complete an animal status declaration (ASD) form when shifting stock and do not accept any animals onto your farm if they’re not accompanied by a correctly filled out ASD form. 

If you’re in a movement control area, all animals must have a pre-movement TB test within 60 days of being shifted off farm.

Record all animal movements in the NAIT system, including movements off and onto the farm.

Complete all these steps easily by calling OSPRI on 0800 482 463. 

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