Tuesday, 05 June 2018 18:05

Beware of ‘experts’

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Your canine crusader has been intrigued by the very poor mainstream media coverage of the Mycoplasma bovis issue.

It seems the reef fish in the general media have only picked up in the last few weeks or so just how serious this is for the farming sector and New Zealand in general, despite the disease being discovered (and covered extensively in the rural media) since July last year. And what the Hound has found most disconcerting about the general media coverage is the so-called ‘experts’ used by the TV luvvies to comment on the issue. The worst example is TV3’s breakfast show, which recently called on little more than a glorified snake oil salesman as an M.bovis authority. A quick Google search of the supposed ‘expert’ by the show’s producers would have disclosed that he is no more qualified to comment on the subject than is Donald Trump.


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