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Light in your darkness

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The new Aeromax is the latest in emergency lighting range from Narva. The new Aeromax is the latest in emergency lighting range from Narva.

The new Aeromax is the latest in emergency lighting range from Narva to match 21st century vehicles and their users.

The boxes are available in 12/24V with performance that exceeds SAE Class 1 requirements, making them ideal for emergency work such as roadside servicing, council vehicles and commercial construction vehicles.

Produced in two sizes (200 and 365mm) and with a height of only 47mm, the compact design has a sleek and modern appearance, and the lights are less likely to be damaged in low clearance areas.

The new light boxes can even be used in pairs to replace traditional rotating beacons or to deliver a mini light bar set-up.

All lights have eight selectable flash patterns: single (constantly on), double (all flashing), ultra (alternate flashing), ultra (cross flashing), quint rotating, rotating, ultra (alt/alt flash) and ultra-double (all flashing). Customers can opt for a clear or amber lens, both using amber LED bulbs. All lenses are made from tough polycarbonate; the LEDs carry a 5-year warranty.

Mounting the light boxes is simple, with two options provided. For permanent mounting and hardwiring, selected models come complete with a flange base with low profile mounting brackets.

Alternatively, some variants have ceramic disc magnets with rubber protective covers to prevent damage to the vehicle. These models are provided with a 3m lead and cigarette lighter plug with integrated off/on and flash pattern selector switch.

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