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Milked for a reaction

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People in London were last week disgusted to be told they had been drinking ‘dog’s milk’ during a new animal rights campaign.

PETA hosted a focus group, taking to the streets to offer people free samples of a ‘new’ milk.

After asking them how it tasted and what they thought of it, they let on it was from a dog, getting horrified reactions such as spitting and swearing.

The reactions were videoed then put online, aimed at discouraging people from drinking cow’s milk.

The video ends with a message from Peta opposing the consumption of cow’s milk.

It said, “Dog’s milk, cat’s milk, rat’s milk, cow’s milk. We’re the only animal to drink another species’ milk. Isn’t it all a bit gross?”

But it turns out Peta didn’t give the test subjects dog’s milk, but rather soya milk.

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