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An opportunity to connect!

Written by  Christopher Vila
2021 NZ Dairy Industry Awards Farm Manager of the Year Christopher Vila says the industry has allowed migrants like him to start a career. 2021 NZ Dairy Industry Awards Farm Manager of the Year Christopher Vila says the industry has allowed migrants like him to start a career.

The 2021 NZ Dairy Industry Awards (NZDIA) Farm Manager of the Year Christopher Vila spoke at the 2022 awards night held recently in Christchurch. Here's his speech...

It's such an honour to be back, here on this stage. And be given a moment to share with you the amazing experience and journey I've had in the past year, since being chosen as the NZDIA National 2021 Farm Manager of the Year.

Instead of detailing to you an account of each and every activity I've done, I would rather share with you the things I've discovered, enjoyed, and look forward to. My NZDIA experience has taught me the importance of "connecting":

  • to one's self, knowing who you are, having the confidence that we all have a "masterpiece" inside of us waiting to be uncovered, and striving to bring out the best version of us and utilising that for a higher purpose;
  • sharing and being of service to others.

I enjoyed and relished every activity, assignment, participation, or job that came along with winning the title.

Not because of the fame - certainly no fortune or piles of gold - but because I felt deep within myself that this is my opportunity: to connect with others, to influence people in a positive way, and to give value to others.

I feel an overwhelming satisfaction to know that I can focus and give my best in what I do, put myself out there, and in the process grow while fulfilling my higher purpose.

I would like to take the time to acknowledge the judges who have given their valuable time, effort and their technical knowledge and know-how. I fully appreciate the support I got from my set of judges from last year.

The guidance and morale that I received have spurred me on and pointed me to the right direction as I take the steps to attain my goal.

To the organisers and all regional committees who toiled with enthusiasm ceaselessly behind the scenes and to all the national and regional sponsors who continue to believe in the advocacy of this program - a big thank you!

To my family who encouraged me to come to New Zealand and start a career in the dairy industry, thank you for inspiring me and motivating me to reach for a brighter future.

I hope that the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards continues to provide opportunities and acknowledgement to industrious and enterprising migrants, like me, who take part in contributing to the industry's success.

Each day that we show up and choose our mindset and consciously strive towards being industrious, motivated, passionate and forward-thinking individuals, we win.

And each individual win adds up and has an exponential contribution to a world-class winning dairy industry.

Each day presents a new challenge. Each day also presents a new opportunity to learn, grow, and rise-up.

And in the midst of chaos, uncertainty and unrest that is happening all around us, it would do everyone some good to be kinder and to pause, appreciate, and celebrate the triumphs and positivity around us.

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