Monday, 10 February 2020 12:33

Machine gives a cleaner pick up

Written by  Mark Daniel
Merge Maxx 950. Merge Maxx 950.

Belt mergers are known for their clean forage pick up and handling, the KUHN Merge Maxx 950 is no exception.

This is a highly versatile machine capable of gently gathering any kind of forage and retaining its maximum feed value. Having been demonstrated throughout New Zealand over the last two harvest seasons, the Merge Maxx 950 has reinforced the reputation for belt mergers to deliver clean forage pick up and handling in all crops including lucerne, grass, whole crop barley and pea straw. 

An ability to gently handle all crops – with minimal forage pollution, leaf spoiling and ground contact – sets the Merge Maxx 950 apart from the conventional rotor and ‘V’ type rakes. It uses two independent pick-ups to offer total raking width of 7.5m in “side delivery” mode and up to 9.5m in “central windrow” position.

With eight different forage delivery options, the machine is suited to all conditions – from raking two separate 3.5m swaths for conventional hay baling, through to grouping 20m or even 30m of forage into large swaths for today’s high horsepower forage harvesters. 

Clever design uses the AT10 controller, which allows any operator to master the controls easily. It also gives the ability to alter windrow delivery, direction of the belts, setting into work mode and a useful hour counter for jobs. 

Belt speeds can be individually adjusted by using a hydraulic flow limiter, while raking height can be adjusted via crank handle at the rear of each pick-up bed. Tool-less belt tension adjustment makes day-to-day maintenance a breeze.

Key advantages of the Merge Maxx 950, delivered by the ability to merge up to 30m of lighter crops into one swath, means more efficient harvesting, allows harvesters and trucks to travel at lower speeds – yet keeping the chopping drum full.
Additional benefits means fewer swathes to collect in ease paddock means fewer wheeling’s and compaction damage and less kilometres travelled during a working day.

Visit site no. 345 at Southern Field Days.

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