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Irrigator to achieve low-depth application

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Numedic Adcam 750 irrigator fitted with boom support bracket and braid. Numedic Adcam 750 irrigator fitted with boom support bracket and braid.

Effluent specialist Numedic says small but important improvements to its Adcam travelling irrigators enable these to meet the environmental councils’ rules.

A new winch drum and cam assembly design enables the Numedic range of Adcam 750 irrigators to achieve even lower application depths.   

“Depths of 5mm and below are now achievable,” says Peter Reid, Numedic.  “All farmers are looking at better and more sustainable ways to apply their effluent to pasture.”

The slowest speed has been removed and other faster speeds are now achievable.  The improvements can be retrofitted to an existing Numedic irrigator. The company says it is always looking at innovative ways to improve its product line.  

All new irrigators are now fitted with a boom support bracket that supports the cam and riser assembly while the irrigator is being moved.  This improvement is inexpensive. 

And synthetic braid is available to replace traditional wire rope.  The braid is the same strength as wire rope but has high flex-fatigue resistance, resists wear and stretches little.  

“You can eliminate the damage caused by kinking and overall it is a much easier product to use and lasts a lot longer,” says Reid. 

Numedic says customers who have converted to braid would not return to wire rope. Both the boom support bracket and the braid can be fitted to existing Numedic Adcam irrigators.

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