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Thursday, 10 March 2016 12:55

Treat poo as fert

Dairy farm effluent should be treated as a fertiliser, but carefully, because it is not a balanced fertiliser, being very high in potassium.

Published in Management
Tuesday, 08 March 2016 09:55

How much effluent to irrigate?

The environmental effects of nitrogen that determine how much effluent you can irrigate onto land, says Waikato Regional Council.

Published in Management
Friday, 26 February 2016 17:55

Effluent reduction model could be game-changer

Ken Westlake played a key role in a potentially 'game-changing' effluent reduction model for the dairy industry.

Published in Agribusiness
Monday, 15 February 2016 15:55

Effluent in a bag

With ever tightening regulations on effluent storage, containment – whether in open ponds or purpose built reservoirs – is capital intensive.

Published in Machinery & Products
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 11:30

Great farmer turnout for effluent day

A fantastic dairy farmer turnout at a recent effluent management field day is a sign of the sector's commitment to doing the right thing by the environment, says organiser Jon Palmer.

Published in General News
Monday, 18 January 2016 15:13

A valuable resource that needs to be stored well

Dairy effluent is a valuable resource which, when managed well, increases pasture production and reduces fertiliser costs.

Published in Management
Monday, 30 November 2015 08:56

Pushing poo uphill

The management of dairy effluent provides many opportunities for dairy businesses in Australia.

Published in Management
Sunday, 29 November 2015 11:58

Savings from prized Oz effluent rig

Far North Queensland dairy farmer Dennis Byrnes expects a new effluent irrigation system to pay off in a variety of ways.

Published in Management
Friday, 27 November 2015 10:09

Floating hose buoys

Effluent hoses are made easier to drag around by Hose Buoy, an NZ-made gadget that clamps to the hose.

Published in Machinery & Products
Friday, 27 November 2015 08:57

Know the soil, run effluent systems well

Knowing the soil has always been the basis of good farming because the soil is the foundation of the production system.

Published in General News

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