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New Jaguars really purr

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The new Pick Up 300. The new Pick Up 300.

Improvements to Claas Jaguar 900 and 800 forage harvesters include a new hydraulic pre-compression system, a new chopping cylinder, and three new front attachments. 

The new hydraulic pre-compression layout is said to offer consistently high chop quality; the rear pre-compression roller springs in the feeder housing have been replaced by hydraulic rams with pressure reservoirs. 

Meanwhile, clever software uses different characteristic maps that can automatically adjust the pre-compression force to suit different crops or changes in crop flow. 

The new V-Max chopping cylinder allows the knife carriers to be adjusted to achieve a symmetrical crop discharge when operating with a half-set of knives. 

Used in combination with the appropriate corn cracker, the new cylinder provides an additional range of chop lengths from very short with a full set of knives to very long with half the number of knives.

Of interest to contractors, a new payload detection system helps ensure loaded trailers do not exceed permissible weights. In use the operator can enter the payload quantities for three different tractor-forage trailer combinations into the CEBIS control system and get an audible and visual warning when maximum loads are reached

Up front, the new Pick Up 300 and 380 fronts have improved adaptation to ground contours, throughput and reliability. 

Upgrades see all models offering the ability to be specified with a three-speed transmission to allow ideal adjustment of the crop flow, and improvements to the roller crop press make for an even crop flow. 

The Pick Up 300 can also be equipped with a suspended frame for optimal adaptation to ground contours. 


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