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KV’s triple mower offers great versatility and capacity

Written by  Mark Daniel
Kverneland's KV531000BX. Kverneland's KV531000BX.

Recent trends in high capacity triple mower set-ups have led to operators requesting a wider choice of swath size and shape.

In developing the KV531000BX, grassland specialist Kverneland has devised a way to produce a single swath from its 10m working width as well as several other variations.

This includes three single swaths, a half width spread -- in order to move the crop away from a fence line -- or full width spreading. 

Standard swath plates are slid into position for the desired swath width, while for conditions requiring wide spreading, FlipOver wide spreading vanes are engaged in seconds.

The KV BX uses a twin belt swathing system, offering the ability to constantly adjust working width and overlap without the need to stop and reset ground pressure. 

If side-shifted to adjust overlap, belt speed immediately adjusts to compensate for the distance the crop needs to be moved.

Conversely, when increasing the overlap in corners, belt speed is lowered to ensure that the crop is placed as intended. 

Automated belt speed adjustment relative to working width does the job of adjusting the belt speed to working width, to create the same uniform swath width regardless of the position of the mowing units. 

Working in heavy crops and following with a machine equipped with a narrow pick-up can present challenges. The BX offers the possibility of positioning the swath belts at different operating heights, to deliver the crop on top of the swath made by the front mower, so forming a narrow, box shaped swath. 

Delivery height is set by adjusting the belt hydraulically on-the-go, allowing the 3m wide belts to deliver swaths for a specific pick-up unit.

The BV 53100 also offers the ability to adjust the conditioner plate at the front and rear, helping to create an efficient crop flow towards the swathing belts. 

When the mowing units are activated for headland lift, an integrated belt boost function automatically speeds up to clear the belts before they are raised, leaving a clean and tidy headland. Once raised, the AutoStop function stops belt rotation, which resumes when the units are lowered.

During transport, the belt units are positioned within the cutting units, while for periods when they are not required the complete units can be removed using their A-frame mounting design and quick-fit hydraulic connections. 

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