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John Deere headers updated

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John Deere has announced several updates to its S-series headers. John Deere has announced several updates to its S-series headers.

John Deere has announced several updates to its S-series headers for 2019, to improve performance, ride quality and small grain harvesting efficiency. 

The additions include a new suspension track system, flex draper header and harvest-specific enhancements to the MyOperations mobile app.

Model year 2019 S-series headers can be optioned with a factory-installed suspension track system in 24, 30 or 36-inch belt widths. The redesigned JD track system incorporates changes to the track belts, integrated final drive, suspension cylinder and tandem bogie wheels that work together to improve floatation, ride quality, transport speed and durability.  

The new track system has a unique tread design with wider and taller tread bars angled to improve traction, balance and ride comfort while extending tread life. Unlike previous systems, headers equipped with the new track systems can travel up to nearly 40km/h. 

In addition, the 700FD HydraFlex Draper has a dual V-guide belt and thicker, corrugated front edge for improved crop flow and four times longer belt life. 

A dual-position 16 and 18-inch centre-feed drum will give greater harvesting versatility and processing of bushy crops like canola. This also includes an 18-inch top crop auger for smooth feeding and fewer plugs under tough conditions.

To improve ground sensing on uneven terrain – and to automatically adjust header position accordingly – Deere has added a fourth sensor to the automatic header height control option on 35, 40 and 45-foot header attachments. 


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