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Jaguar flagship coming soon

Written by  Mark Daniel
The Jaguar 990. The Jaguar 990.

Claas has added a flagship to its self-propelled harvester range for 2020 -- the Jaguar 990 with several updates and new features.

These include the addition to the whole Jaguar range of the latest Cebis touchscreen-based control concept. Also, the Jaguar 900 will have a more powerful Stage V engine, a new additive system, a 42-knife chopping cylinder and dynamic steering.

The new Jaguar 990 is powered by a 925hp MAN V12, 24L engine. A similar 850hp version will also be used in the Jaguar 980. 

The Jaguar 900 ranges will have the new touchscreen Cebis terminal, giving the operator fast and easy access to all machine functions. Depending on preference, the operator has four options for setting up and adjusting the Jaguar, including a simple tap on the touchscreen and seven settings that can be programmed as favourites and accessed by rocker switches on the CMotion control lever. Alternatively the operator can access the Cebis rotary/push switch and pushbutton or make direct adjustment via switches in the armrest.

The new armrest and CMotion control lever make it possible to adjust the machine on the move from the joystick using favourite settings. 

For example, this includes the roller crop press, spout up and down, stop rock sensitivity, cruise control, stubble height, horn and partial working width.

Also new for 2020 is the availability of dynamic steering on the Jaguar 900, which allows the operator to reduce the number of turns from lock to lock. At up to 10km/h the operator needs only 1.25 turns of the wheel to go from full left lock to full right. From 10 to 20km/h the steering wheel turns required are increased. From 20km/h, for driving safely at higher speeds the full number of steering wheel turns is available again.

A new option for Jaguar 990/980/970 models is the 42-blade V-Max chopping, giving a cutting frequency of 25,200 cuts/min. A number of blades can be removed to deliver high throughput -- providing chop lengths from 3.5 to 12.5mm or when a longer chop length is required in grass or for ‘shredlage’. 

A new hydraulic precompression system is also standard in all Jaguar 900 models. 

This system acts on preprogrammed characteristics using hydraulic rams with pressure reservoirs to automatically adjust the precompression pressure applied in order to accommodate different crops and changes in the thickness of the crop flow. 

This ensures that a uniformly high level of chop quality is maintained even in difficult conditions.

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