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NZ farmers can lead carbon conscious food production - SFF

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Silver Fern Farms chief executive Simon Limmer. Silver Fern Farms chief executive Simon Limmer.

Silver Fern Farms says it welcomes the release of the Emissions Reduction Plan and looks forward to working with the Government, industry and farmer suppliers to ensure New Zealand is the food producer of choice in a low carbon world.

Silver Fern Farms chief executive Simon Limmer says the company sees the transition to a low carbon economy as an important opportunity to create new forms of value for New Zealand and position the company’s farmers as climate innovators.

“Through the Emissions Reduction Plan process, we have been asking the Government to back our sheep and beef farmers on the world stage and invest in initiatives that empower farmers to act in ways that keep pace with customer demand for more sustainably produced, and processed, red meat,” Limmer says.

He says the Emissions Reduction Plan, released yesterday, shows a growing acceptance of the complexity of agricultural emissions, but also supports the opportunity for New Zealand food producers to work together to respond to growing expectations from carbon conscious consumers.

“As an exporter and marketer, we know that our pastoral farming system already has many of the attributes consumers are looking for. However, we must continue to invest, innovate and support those working the land to ensure our farms continue to be seen as the best in the world.”

Limmer says a coordinated approach to solving methane emissions in New Zealand’s pastoral farming system is the ‘big ticket’ to hitting emissions targets and creating a low emissions farming system.

“A coordinated approach to solving methane emissions in our pastoral farming system is the big-ticket to not only hit our emission 2030 targets, but to create a world-leading low emissions farming system, underpinned by nature positive pastoral agriculture.

“The proposal to form a joint venture means the agribusiness sector now has real skin-in-the-game for methane reduction technology and can better contribute to accelerating solutions into the hands of farmers via the resources, networks and the commercial knowledge we bring to the table. We are confident it will deliver,” says Limmer.

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