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This old mutt notes that millionaire Hollywood producer and advocate for mung bean farming James Cameron is happy to fly around the world clocking up carbon emissions and telling NZ farmers to cull their cows.

But his dream of a plant based farming utopia in Wairarapa may be hitting speed bumps. Recently, questions have been asked about the ingredients used by both of America’s most popular plant based meat companies.

In late June, a consumer interest group voiced concerns about one of the ingredients in Beyond Meat’s production process. And earlier in June, the World Health Organisation said that eating heme – a main ingredient in the Impossible Foods burger – is linked with the formation of carcinogens in the gut.

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Hot cows affect reproduction

Heat stress has a big effect on reproduction, explains Greg Jarratt, vet and director of Matamata Veterinary Services.


Speakers lined up for expo

A strong lineup of industry speakers will feature at this month’s NZ Effluent & Environment Expo in Waikato.

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