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The Hound reckons to see what a waste of space the animal activist groups PETA and the RSPCA are, read on.

According to an Australian media report, New South Wales farmer Ken Turner had  the RSPCA knocking on the door of his Boorungie Station (130km from -Broken Hill) acting on a tip-off. He was told People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had complained to the RSPCA that a farm worker swore at sheep during shearing sessions. The group presented footage of ‘verbal abuse’ believed to have been recorded by an undercover operative working at the same station. Apparently the rude words were distressing the flock.  “None of [the sheep] actually told me they were offended,” a bemused Turner said on radio.

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In Australia, animal activists are taking exception to electric shock collars for use on cattle, calling it the equivalent of farmers torturing cows.

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Animal rights group Peta is ruffling feathers with its latest claim, alleging that cow milk is a symbol used by white supremacists.

Cows’ misery portrayed

PETA is at it again. It has rolled out Carly the cow to US schoolchildren, telling them of the complex emotional lives of cows and their suffering at the hands of dairy farmers and the wider industry.

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People in London were last week disgusted to be told they had been drinking ‘dog’s milk’ during a new animal rights campaign.

Animal extremists will never be satisfied

Livestock farmers will never be able to satisfy "extremists" such as SAFE because they are opposed completely to animal farming, says NZPork chairman Ian Carter.

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Vaccinations protect people, animals

As we struggle to fathom how we ended up in the throes of a measles outbreak again, we’re reminded of the importance of vaccinations to protect us from life-threatening diseases.


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