About time!

Speaking of anti-farming types, this old mutt hears that serial farming bashers Fish and Game – or Bitch and Complain as many know them – may be undergoing a change of attitude.

Who’s paying?

Your canine crusader noticed a full-page ad recently run in a farming paper calling on meat companies SFF and Alliance Group to pay back the $70m-plus they claimed in wage subsidy.

Dirty water

The Hound understands that Federated Farmers has been cut out of the information loop, for the past year, on the proposed freshwater reforms – driven by well-known farmer hater Environment Minister David Parker.


Your old mate sees that Fonterra chief executive Miles Hurrell has criticised small Southland dairy company Mataura Valley Milk for taking the Covid-19 wage subsidy, which the company claimed after choosing not to process Fonterra milk.


Your old mate is informed that a well-known machinery editor rather enjoys going to general auctions on a Saturday morning, while his better half does the weekly grocery shopping.


Your canine crusader understands that the Government’s decision to not allow butchers to operate during the lockdown period is going to cause some major animal welfare issues on many pig farms around the country.

Do the right thing!

The Hound is picking up a lot of negative feedback around the traps about the arrogant stance of National Fieldays organisers.

Deafening silence

Your old mate reckons it’s incredible how people’s attitudes have changed since the COVID-19 crisis hit us.

Celibate times

A mate of the Hound’s reckons the COVID lockdown must be getting serious when we are being told not to have casual sex during this time.

Shut up!

Your old mate reckons one good thing about the current COVID-19 situation is that most of the anti-farming whining and moaning from the usual suspects has shut down – as the country focuses fighting the coronavirus.

No connection

While the entire country unites to fight the spread of COVID-19, your old mate reckons some companies are not playing the game.

Flying high

This old mutt would like to know how the sanctimonious Green Party and its MPs can continue to lecture everyone about the evils of climate change and how we all have to act now to save the world?

Put it down

Your canine crusader notes that the woke folk at Landcorp – sorry Pāmu – were recently crowing about recording a net profit after tax of $68 million for the half-year ended 31 December 2019.


The Hound reckons news that an Austrian billionaire has been granted consent to purchase an $8m Hill Country farm, is living proof that the NZ First’s billion tree policy is a disaster for farming in this country.

The Hound hears Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor recently had a crack at the banks, calling them “fair weather friends” of the farming sector who are currently putting undue pressure on the rural sector.

This old mutt reckons those politicians, policy makers and lobbyists hell-bent on turning the country into one big pine plantation – in a madcap effort to reduce NZ’s 0.17% of the world’s carbon emissions – should take a look at what is currently happening to log exports.

Your old mate has always suspected that the multi-national, environmental fundamentalist, farming hating lobby group Greenpeace is effectively a glorified fund-raising arm of the fundamentalist, farmer hating Green Party in this country.

This old mutt notes that it took the Cuddler-in Chief, PM Jacinda Ardern, a very long time to pay a visit to the flood damaged Southland.

Your canine crusader understands the vast majority of those in the acting profession (basically out-of-work waiters and waitresses) are show ponies who tend to err on the side of trendy, lefty, woke politics.

A mate of the Hound reckons despite more farmers growing it and more hectares of hemp in crop these days, it has not stopped the bureaucrats from creating stupid and costly regulations.

Your old mate was delighted to read how a cockerel became an unlikely hero for rural France, winning the right to continue his early morning crowing.

This old mutt couldn’t believe the audacity of dairy company Synlait trying to spin its environmental credentials and how much it loves planting trees.

Your old mate was disappointed, but not surprised to see a ‘study’ out of Otago University – quoted all over the mainstream media – selling the virtues of plant-based diet.

Your canine crusader reckons the fiercely anti GE, but pro sustainability Green Party has a dilemma on its hands, following a new, comprehensive study out of the Department of Entomology at Cornell University’s AgriTech in New York.

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The Hound

Dirty water

The Hound understands that Federated Farmers has been cut out of the information loop, for the past year, on the…

Who’s paying?

Your canine crusader noticed a full-page ad recently run in a farming paper calling on meat companies SFF and Alliance…

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