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NZ waits after European release of new MF tractor range

Written by  Mark Daniel
Massey Ferguson's new MF 7S series has been launched in Europe, but it is not yet confirmed when they will be available in NZ. Massey Ferguson's new MF 7S series has been launched in Europe, but it is not yet confirmed when they will be available in NZ.

While it's still to be confirmed when they'll arrive in New Zealand, Massey Ferguson's new MF 7S series has launched in Europe.

The new models take their looks from the recently released MF 8S and the freshly showcased M 5S and MF 6S ranges.

The new, four model range offers maximum outputs of 155 to 190hp, bridging the gap between the new four-cylinder 135-180hp MF 6S and the larger 7.4 litre, six-cylinder 8S machines.

The MF7S.155, 7S.165, 7S.180 and 7S.190 all feature AGCOPower 6.6 litre engines. They deliver maximum power - as the numbering suggests - but enhanced with Electronic Power Management (EPM).

A 'boost' function takes those numbers to 175, 185, 210 and 220hp respectively, while maximum torque at 1,500rpm, normally between 700 and 850Nm, rises to between 750 and 925Nm when EPM kicks in.

Transmission choice is the well-known Dyna-6 semi powershift, or the constantly variable Dyna-VT.

With a 2.88m wheelbase and 4.93m turning radius, the 7S range is designed for heavy-duty applications. The machines offer a 9.6 tonne lift capacity, complimented by a 4.0 tonne rating up front, with the option to fit rear wheel equipment up to 42-inch diameter.

Outwardly, the tractors retain a six-post cabin layout, while inside the cabin, expect to see a new armrest, multi-pad controller and a Datatronic 5 terminal that is said to be brighter and clearer. A new air conditioning system and an air-suspended seat take care of comfort, while the tractor can also be optioned with a suspended cab and axles.

In higher spec variants, such as Exclusive and Efficient, the radio, the operator's mobile phone and media are accessed through the Datatronic terminal that incorporates 'must haves' like Bluetooth, USB and Aux connections - with incoming phone calls displayed on the touch screen.

Externally, for those contemplating loader duties, a Visio roof with improved upward vision can be optioned.

Meanwhile, those looking to turn night into day can fit up to 16 LEDs.

For those looking for similar levels of horsepower, but in a more compact, agile and lighter package, the new 6S series might be worth a closer look.

This new five-model range will eventually replace the 6700S series tractors.

The new range offers maximum power outputs of 135, 145, 155, 165 and 180hp, in the appropriately dubbed 6S.135, 6S.145, 6S155, 6S165 and 6S.185 respectively. However, with EPM those numbers are taken to 150, 160, 175, 185 and 200hp.

Powered by a four-cylinder AGCOPower engine of 4.9 litres, the same transmission choices are available. The layout sees a 2.67m wheelbase and 4.75m turning radius, said to be the tightest of any 200hp currently available on the market.

The control layout mirrors that seen on the MF 8S series, including a new multi-controller and the 9-inch Datatronic 5 terminal. Expect to see comfort being taken care of which the options of mechanical or active-mechanical cab suspension, and optional suspended front axle layout and a revised air-suspended and leather clad operator seat.

Rear lift capacity is up to 9.6 tonnes with a standard hydraulic output of 110 litres per minute. There's the option of 150l/min on Dyna 6 models and a stonking 190l/min on Dyna-VT.

Models 6S.165 and 6S.180 can be specified on 42-inch rubber, while selected models can also be specified with factory-fitted, loader subframes to accommodate the FL series (Alo-sourced) front end loaders.

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