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Science Snippet: New scientist supporting Sauvignon research

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Dr Jessica Rivera-Perez. Photo by Christian Castro. Dr Jessica Rivera-Perez. Photo by Christian Castro.

Dr Jessica Rivera-Perez has joined the Bragato Research Institute Grapevine Improvement Programme, developing new and improved New Zealand grapevines.

The molecular research technician brings nine years of leading novel genetic research to the seven-year programme, which is focussed on diversifying Sauvignon Blanc. "I'm really excited to collaborate on such a pivotal project for New Zealand and its exemplary wine industry," she says.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Jessica obtained her Bachelor of Science and PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Puerto Rico and completed internships in California Polytechnic State University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, before coming to New Zealand in 2017.

Her previous work used innovative molecular techniques to study diets, microbiomes and gastrointestinal diseases preserved in subfossils from ancient civilizations and prehistoric animals.

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