Many older vintages have had long enough to mature and don’t need a decanter.

Wine appreciation is full of accepted rules and wisdom. Some are as simple as “red wine goes with red meat”. Others are more finicky – e.g. “Champagne must be served at four degrees Celsius”. 

Yannick and Philippa Fourbet and their twin boys. Photo: Rachael McKenna.

She may be a relative newcomer to the wine industry, but the owner of Domaine Rewa in Central Otago has a vision for the future.

Fruition Horticulture’s Greg Dryden and Jim Mercer, who run the programme under contract to MPI and NZW.

The impact of weather and increasing costs are the two major reasons behind a drop in Marlborough growers’ profit before tax.

Louisa Rose.

It is the wine most associated with celebration, with nearly every wine producing country in the world dipping their finger into the pie.

Dr Edwin Massey.

Dr Edwin Massey highlights the key elements of the Bragato Conference that focused on biosecurity and emergency response management.

Michelle Dickinson.

Michelle Dickinson, aka Nanogirl, is world renowned in her fields of science and engineering. She recently spoke at the Bragato Conference.

Everyone would agree this is the Mona Lisa, despite it being a photo rather than a painting. Synthetic wine is a similar representation, Alec Lee said.

The oldest archaeological evidence of wine made from grapes goes back to 6000 BC. But will that be the case in the future? 

Meet Ted the vineyard robot trialed in Bordeaux and Portugal recently. It has been used for weeding and under vine cultivation.

One thing is certain according to Dr Dave Jordan [Vine to Wine] — the vineyards of the future will not replicate the vineyards of today.

The changes due to warming temperatures at Fox Glacier between 2005 and 2015.

New Zealand is heading towards much warmer summers by the end of the century, along with more extremes in terms of heatwaves and short deluges.

Petra Pearce.

Climate change was a topic that came up time and again during the Bragato Conference. New Zealand Winegrowers and NIWA have begun researching what impact it will have on our wine regions.

Many of those attending this year’s Romeo Bragato Conference were claiming it was the best ever in terms of content.

In 2017, the number of international travelers who visited a winery during their stay was just over 712,000. What’s more they spent an astonishing $3.8 billion during their time in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s largest region will celebrate its unique wines this month at the 8th Marlborough Wine Show.

What do you do when you want to introduce some influential American wine professionals to New Zealand wine, but can’t physically get them to the island country? You bring the country to them. 

It is no surprise that biosecurity is one of the greatest concerns facing the New Zealand wine industry at the moment. 

A small Marlborough based company has taken out a major innovation award in the US, for a design that provides winemakers with the chance to see what is happening in the tank.

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