Monday, 13 January 2020 11:29

Lemken launches self-propelled sprayer

Written by  Mark Daniel
The new Nova range offers tank volumes of 4800 or 7200L and working widths from 24 to 39m. The new Nova range offers tank volumes of 4800 or 7200L and working widths from 24 to 39m.

Following its 2017 partnership with a chassis manufacturer, Lemken has unveiled its first self-propelled sprayer that will go on sale in mid-2020.

The new Nova range offers tank volumes of 4800 or 7200L and working widths from 24 to 39m. 

The cabin has sound insulation to reduce noise and stress, while the optional Category 4 three-stage air filter system creates a permanent positive pressure in the cab to prevent fumes from entering. Automatic climate control, Bluetooth radio and plenty of storage make long days pass easily.

An air-suspended seat houses all key controls in the armrest, incorporating a joystick with numerous freely assignable function keys for personal configuration. 

Application technology is controlled via the Lemken MegaSpray on the CCI 800 or CCI 1200 terminal. Functions include width section and application rate controls, GPS track guidance and job management. 

The chassis of the Nova has telescopic axles for adjustable track widths from 1.8 to 2.3m, with hydraulic actuation as an option. Hydraulic track width adjustment is available as an option. 

Able to take tyres from 300 to 650mm widths, the all-wheel drive system ensures the rear axle always tracks precisely behind the front unit. A ground clearance of 1.20m provides good protection for crops. Meanwhile, the optional hydraulic lift system raises the chassis to a maximum of 1.60m.

Independent, hydro-pneumatic wheel suspension is said to deliver a particularly smooth ride while also keeping the boom in balance on uneven terrain. 

The aluminium boom has the maufacturer’s AdaptiveBalancingControl (ABC) with automatic, proactive guidance, which keeps the boom in an optimum position and maintains the correct distance to the target surface. 

Up to five sensors ensure that the individual boom arms adapt directly to uneven terrain or changes in the crop 

The height-adjustable induction hopper holds 55L and is prepared for a closed transfer system (CTS). 

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