Friday, 29 January 2021 12:25

Mulcher has powerful bite

Written by  Mark Daniel
The Maschio Tigre mulchers are available in 1.7 or 1.8 metre working widths and can deal with residues of up to 12cm in diameter. The Maschio Tigre mulchers are available in 1.7 or 1.8 metre working widths and can deal with residues of up to 12cm in diameter.

With the gradual rise in horsepower of tractors being used in orchards, Power Farming NZ has introduced a duo of heavy-duty mulchers aimed at capitalising on this extra power.

The Maschio Tigre, available in 1.7 or 1.8 metre working widths, can deal with residues of up to 12cm in diameter. The machine utilises a 10mm walled rotor of 195mm diameter that in turn carries four rows of 1.2kg flails. Arranged in a helical pattern around the rotor, the layout reduces power consumption, creates a progressive cutting action and reduces machine noise, the company says.

Up front, the machines feature a heavy-duty, three-point linkage frame that can be easily offset using a clever roller system to the main body. For those looking to stay on the tractor seat or make more frequent lateral adjustments, a hydraulic offset option is also available.

The main body of the mulcher uses a replaceable, double-skinned construction, said to resist damage from larger debris as it passes over the rotor. Within the rear-hood area, a twin row of adjustable counter blades ensures all materials are chopped to a fine consistency, ensuring a rapid decomposition after mulching.

An optional extra front rake can be fitted to ensure all material is pulled from the ground and into the rotor’s path. Extensive guarding at the front and rear ensures that flying debris is always kept to a minimum.

Working to complement the three-point linkage, a rear mounted, 200mm diameter roller maintains a constant cutting height, while benefitting from the use of triple-labyrinth seals on its axle for an extended service life.

Rated for tractors producing up to 140hp, the mulcher’s driveline has a centrally-mounted main gearbox that feeds power laterally to a five-belt driveline to the main rotor shaft. This layout allows the belt system to absorb shock loads when oversized or immoveable debris is encountered, while also offering the ability to deliver rotor speeds of up to 2100rpm.

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