Wednesday, 27 May 2020 13:34

Heavy rollers moved with ease

Written by  Mark Daniel
Pluck’s Roller Bogie trailer. Pluck’s Roller Bogie trailer.

Moving large diameter or heavy rollers between different properties has always been a logistical nightmare.

The arrival of Pluck’s Roller Bogie trailer bypasses the problem by using a rubber wheeled, Bogie Trailer that also offers the advantage of allowing the heavy roller to stay connected to the towing tractor. 

This removes the issue of uncoupling/recoupling when transporting rollers on a low loader type trailer. 

Designed to suit all sizes, types and makes of NZ made Heavy Rollers without modification, the process uses the tractor’s hydraulic system to lower the bogie, the roller is simply backed on, tied down and driven between sites.

The Bogie is designed so its wheels fit under your roller frame, keeping the overall transport width to not much wider that the roller frame itself.  Depending on the overall roller width, the Bogie has around 80mm of clearance at each end, to make it very easy to load the roller. 

At the rear of the unit, two safety rails across the frame to ensures the roller can’t be backed over the frame accidentally, while 3 marker pylons, at each and the centre, allow operators to get the roller centred as it backed on. Transported rollers are secured by four safety straps.

Maintenance free, the Bogie features 70mm square axles and hubs rated to 4000kgs each at 30kph, while military grade 14-ply tyres are rated to 2000kgs at 30kph.  The manufacturer suggests that besides making the job safe and easy, it also saves wear and tear on axles, roller bearings and the roller casing that are invariably inflicted, when towing roller along the road.

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