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Yardmaster making life easier by causing a stir

Written by  Mark Daniel
In recent years, safety and ease of service has seen a move towards shore mounted solutions. In recent years, safety and ease of service has seen a move towards shore mounted solutions.

Yardmaster's extensive range of effluent stirrers offer a solution for build-up issues in dairy effluent ponds or tanks. 

Quite often the need to regularly agitate dairy effluent ponds or tanks is overlooked in the initial design stages.

This will likely lead to problems later down the track with crusting, sludge and sand build-up, ultimately reducing storage capacity and likely causing pump or irrigator blockages. 

In all cases of effluent storage and distribution, the theory is to keep the solids in suspension – meaning pumping – the sludge and sand being constantly removed from the system to the paddock.

Yardmaster offers an extensive range of effluent stirrers that are designed to meet specific application requirements and customer feature preference. 

In recent years, safety and ease of service has seen a move towards shore mounted solutions.

The Yardmaster shore mounted stirrer comes in two lengths and with two power ratings. Features include a winch for prop height adjustment and adjustable slew angle, allowing a wide range of prop placement within the pond, meaning all areas can be agitated and solids incorporated into the effluent. 

The Yardmaster shore mounted stirrer is ideal for ponds, offering the capability of stirring up to 9 million litres using 11kW. 

An in-ground pond might not be a viable option in certain applications such as a high-water table, or difficult topography, in which case, it is likely that an above ground tank maybe required. Yardmaster can deal with the agitation of such storage solutions. 

A Yardmaster over the wall stirrer frame and Submersible stirrer can be used, with the stirrer frame able to accommodate up to a 4.3 metre wall height tank. The submersible stirrer can be removed using the frame without the need of draining the tank or the use of a Hi-hab. The stirrer is available in 1.5 to 7.5kW options and offers the ability to agitate up to 2 million litres. 

Yardmaster stirrers are also available for in ground tanks, floating pontoons and fixed wall installations.

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