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Monday, 02 December 2019 10:44

Magnon wagon makes light work of silage

Written by  Mark Daniel
Strautmann's new Magnon 430 loader wagon. Strautmann's new Magnon 430 loader wagon.

Loader wagons are increasingly popular with contractors looking to make quality silage with less power and fewer staff than are needed with traditional self-propelled teams.

Loader wagons also suit smaller jobs at the end of the harvest season.

In New Zealand the Strautmann brand is recognised as productive, robust and easily serviced. 

Its latest offering is its new Magnon series, with a host of new features including a Flex-Load pick up system, Exact-Cut knife bank/chopping rotor, and a hydraulically pivoting front bulkhead said to increase overall capacity.

Available as three models in 42, 46 and 53cu.m capacities, the Magnon models 430, 470 and 530 will in 2021 replace the current Terra-Vitesse range.

At the front end of the machine, 2.25m wide Flex-Load reel substitutes steel pick-up tines for plastic fingers arranged in six V-shaped rows. These have greater flexibility and durability, particularly when operating on uneven terrain. Steel stripper bands separate the plastic tines to prevent wrapping or blockages, which tine changes achieve by a single-screw fitting.

Powered hydraulically, the pick-up has variable speeds for individual conditions, while in auto mode the pick-up speed is matched to the tractor’s forward speed. Height control is achieved by easily adjustable anti-scalp wheels that can be complemented by an optional support roller mounted behind and under the pick-up.

Also new, the 48-knife Exact-Cut chopping unit uses double-sided knives to deliver a theoretical 35mm chop length. A knife protection system allows individual items to retract if they encounter foreign objects, then automatically reset after the object has passed. This is said to increase overall production.

The Magnon series continues to use the company’s well proven continuous flow system that ensures the crop is spread evenly over the full width of the chopping rotor, so ensuring a consistent chop quality. 

Up front, the hydraulically activated headboard automatically moves forward as the wagon is filled, giving a useful extra 5cu.m load capacity. When unloading, the system operates in reverse to help increase discharge speeds. 

The 2.4m wide wagon body has a galvanised steel floor that houses four low-wear floor chains, each with a 13-tonne breaking strain rating.

All Magnon wagons are fitted with hydraulic suspension. The 30 and 70 models have tandem axle layouts, and the 530 flagship a Tridem axle format. 

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