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Wednesday, 15 June 2022 11:55

Silage wrap maker joins scheme

Written by  Staff Reporters
Integrated Packaging says as a company it is committed to being environmentally responsible. Integrated Packaging says as a company it is committed to being environmentally responsible.

A major manufacturer and distributor of silage wrap has joined the Plasback agricultural plastics recycling scheme.

Integrated Packaging general manager Mark Bunt says his company is the only distributor of silage film that manufactures its products in this country.

"The technology used in silage balers and wrappers continues to advance and that means we have to continually innovate to improve our products. The same applies to how we deal with plastic waste," Brunt says. "As a company we are committed to being environmentally responsible. Because we are a local manufacturer, we are in a unique position to 'close the loop' and help create a circular economy in which silage waste is reused on a sustainable basis here in New Zealand through our manufacturing process."

Brunt says Plasback provides a viable model for collecting farm waste.

"In its product stewardship guidelines, the government wants to see products recycled into like products, which means waste silage wrap turned back into silage wrap. We also want to see this happen, and our relationship with Plasback creates an opportunity to do this."

Integrated Packaging is a division of ProPac Group Pty Limited. Its sister company Astron already uses some of the plastic that Plasback collects to produce Tuffboard, a UV-resistant plastic plywood.

Plasback's commercial manager Neal Shaw says this is another step forward as New Zealand's farm plastics sector continues to reduce its environmental footprint.

Shaw says it is important that silage wrap distributors lead by doing rather than wait for the government to impose measures on the industry.

"After a thorough review of the options available for recycling silage wrap, Integrated Packaging determined that Plasback's on-farm bin and liner collection system offers the most efficient way to recover waste plastic.

"It is good to see Kiwi silage wrap distributors taking the step to support the scheme rather than have the government legislate mandatory fees, which could ultimately cost the industry more and be less convenient for farmers."

Neal Shaw Plasback FBTW

Plasback commercial manager Neal Shaw.

Shaw says there is one manufacturer and about 12 distributors of silage wrap in New Zealand and now nine of them have joined the Plasback scheme.

"This represents more than 90% of the national silage wrap market by volume, which is fantastic.

"We welcome others to join the scheme and demonstrate their commitment to managing the waste produced by the products they put into the market.

"We believe it is a win-win for companies that join Plasback because their customers can see they are doing the right thing and taking a responsible approach to waste management. We are stronger as an industry when we work together."

He says, given its status as a manufacturer, the addition of Integrated Packaging to the silage wrap recycling effort is an important advance in the efforts to create a true product stewardship scheme.

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