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Wednesday, 17 November 2021 11:00


Written by  The Hound

OPINION: This old mutt has questioned before the objectivity of research produced by Landcare Research on regenerative agriculture (RA).

This has again come to light, with a number of taxpayer funded organisations - including Landcare Research - currently releasing a number of 'research' projects on RA.

The problem is that Landcare has failed to properly deal with the real or perceived conflict of interest of its key researcher involved with this project - soil ecologist Dr Gwen Grelet.

The problem for Landcare Research, and the other science organisations associated with this project, is that Grelet happens to be on the board of and 'science advisor' to Quorum Sense - a private trust set up by RA proponents to promote this farming practice - which has been granted around $2 million of MPI funding to "undertake RA extension work".

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