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Friday, 20 November 2020 06:55

Weeds in for a shock

Written by  Mark Daniel
The tractor-based system allows for the effective control of unwanted vegetation. The tractor-based system allows for the effective control of unwanted vegetation.

WIith an increasing focus on reducing chemical herbicides, largely because of crop resistance and a potential build-up of residues, new methods of weed control are appearing.

XPower by AGXTEND, a CNH Industrial aftermarket brand, in cooperation with Zasso, offers a new, disruptive and efficient way of combating weeds without herbicides.

The tractor-based system allows the effective control of unwanted vegetation thanks to the tested XPower system and electrophysical technology. 

As well as being residue-free, the unit can be used at any time of the year and largely independent of the time of day and temperature. 

The system consists of two components that are attached to the front and rear of tractors.

The rear unit includes a generator, up to 12 high-voltage transformers, with an output of 36 kW (including Power Boost option) and an electrical control cabinet.

The swivelling front attachment, able to deal with vegetation outside the tractor wheel tracks, consists of three rows of static electrodes.

The rear-mounted generator is driven by the tractor’s PTO shaft and produces high-voltage electricity, which flows into the plants and then into the ground via the applicator. 

The circuit is completed via a second applicator that either touches other plants or the soil. This allows the electrical energy to systemically deactivate the chlorophyll – as well as the water and nutrient system of the plants.

This means the cells and vascular bundles are irreparably destroyed down to the roots.Weighing in a total of around 1400 kg, divided into 250 kg/1200kg front to rear, the unit has a power requirement of around 100-130-hp.

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