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Friday, 04 March 2022 15:30

Weed Eater for Wider Areas

Written by  Staff Reporters

With the wine industry seeking mechanical weeding options to reduce chemical reliance in vineyards, Italian manufacturer Orizzonti has introduced the Speed Green machine, with a novel, yet proven, solution.

Imported by Ag Tek, based at Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty, the machine takes the concept of the humble weed whacker used in many gardens and transforms it into a more industrial machine. A central hydraulically driven drum carries up to 10 heavy-duty nylon cords that effectively remove weeds.

Said to be ideal for dealing with the “dead-zone” between individual plants and removing the potential for stem damage that can occur with other mechanical mulching or cutting systems, left or right-handed units are driven from a tractor’s external remote valve with a requirement of only 25 litres per minute flow.

Offered in 60 or 80cm working widths, the “cutting” heads incorporate a quick-fix system for mounting of the cords, which allows the optimal length to be easily set as they wear during use.

Available for rear mounting on the three-point linkage or front mounting, support frames are designed and manufactured locally and can be customised for single, dual sided or bespoke operations.

The distributor suggests that because of the low hydraulic flow requirements, the machine lends itself to multi-tasking, taking care of weeding duties between the vines, to be complemented with a traditional mowing attachment to take care of grass between the rows.


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