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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 12:01

Collaboration increases capability

Written by  Mark Daniel

Initially designed to assist fertiliser spreading trucks operating on steep New Zealand hill country, TracMap’s GPS guidance and job management system has evolved significantly since its inception in 2005.

Offering job tasking and reporting capabilities makes it easy for users to increase efficiency, reduce risk of errors and keep staff safe.

TracMap have released significant product updates, launched a revolutionary new hardware platform, TML, and been selected as a Finalist in the Australian Wine Industry Impact Awards.

By working closely with customers during the design phase, TracMap uses close customer contact and feedback to ensure targeted development, with the overall goal of increasing the capability and competitiveness of growers, farmers and contractors. 

Lincoln Grocke, Director of LG Vineyard Services based in the Barossa Valley has enjoyed the benefits of the two-way communication, “they listened to our suggestions and ideas for innovation to improve efficiencies within the system. It’s pretty much a total game-changer for our business. The fact that we capture so much data and statistics means that we can actually use the information to plan our next job in that same vineyard and have the additional benefits of real-time live tracking and that collaboration with the team.”

Design decisions for TracMap’s new touch-screen unit, TML, began with input from the Australian viticulture industry, followed by extensive testing in the wider horticulture and agricultural sectors,    prior to the launch in September 2018. 

Viticultural contractors appear to have welcomed the new units season realising the benefits offered in operational efficiency and the ability to provide proof of placement to their customers. The additional benefit of having a real-time overview or where each operator is, and how they
are progressing offers assurance and peace of mind, and the time and resources saved can be spent on developing their businesses.

Australian grape growers’ who equipped their harvesting fleets with TracMap for the 2018 vintage, found benefits in being able to accurately implement split picking. Harvest maps can be created, and crops harvested or left for later depending on crop quality or maturity. This granular data, combined with yield data recorded using load cells allows for planning in real-time, simplifies job and task management and vastly improves operational efficiency.

Further recent releases by TracMap include expansion of application capabilities, allowing jobs to be calculated, tasked and reported on a linear metre basis, instead of the standard per hectare rate. Live job sharing, speed and rate reporting are also customer-driven features, where vehicles working on the same job can see the application coverage rates of other vehicles while out on the job reducing errors, overspray or missed areas. 


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