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Tuesday, 18 June 2019 10:21

Creativity in education

Written by  Chris Yorke, NZW Global Marketing Director

In addition to the traditional International Education Programme, New Zealand Winegrowers have come up with some novel ways of promoting our wines in international markets.

Recently a number of these have been produced/trialled, in pursuit of “creativity in education”.


Regional Drone Footage

This initiative is an alternative to an Online Education Programme following feedback from on-premise and off-premise trade, educators and media in international markets. There was little interest in an Online Education Programme, but consistent commentary (unprompted) from all interviewees reflected that physically experiencing a region (seeing the lay of the land/geographical features, sensing the climate, handling the soils) was the most effective way to learn about it, and more importantly, retain knowledge and form a relationship with the region and its wines.

As a result drone footage of each of the regions was undertaken. This gives the viewer an inside look at the geographical and climatic differences in each region, and explains the location, soils, growing conditions and influences, as well as the wines of the region.

It is specifically designed to be used by members, (when promoting their own region) as well as by NZW in its International Education Programme.

The footage premiered at ProWein, has recently aired with translated subtitles at the Pure Discovery Wine Fairs across Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, and at the New Zealand Wine Fair in Tokyo. 


Collaborative Activity

In an attempt to access jaded wine trade in major markets, NZW are trialling a series of collaborative events, with wine-producing regions/countries that have a strong presence and reputation in the relevant market. Three events have been held to date, with excellent results.


New Zealand & The Loire - A Celebration of Sauvignon Blanc from Opposite Sides of the World

The first event of this kind to be held created fantastic coverage. Hosted by Rebecca Gibb MW and Jamie Goode in London, it attracted a long list of renowned wine writers, including; Jancis Robinson MW and Steven Spurrier, as well as all major UK trade publications

The media coverage of the event has been impressive. In total there were 35 pieces of coverage, (including social), with a total circulation of 25,067,800. The estimated advertising value of this coverage is £58,600, with a PR value of £175,600.

Jancis Robinson described the tasting as “fascinating” and was excited by the collaborative format; “This tasting - unusually and delightfully - was organised and hosted by both interested parties acting in unison.” In addition, three out of Jancis’ top four Sauvignons were from New Zealand.


New Zealand and Oregon - Wine from the Edge 

A full day of technical tasting, those attending were able to take part in just one of the sessions, or stay for the whole day. There were three sessions in total.

 Distinctive Styles of the Burgundian Theme (Pinot Noir Masterclass)

Lunch featuring White, Rosé and Sparkling Wines (Lunch & Walkaround Tasting)

The Futurists: Regions, Varieties & Trends (Lesser Known Varieties, Regions and Styles Masterclass)


New Zealand and Ontario - A Pinot Noir Affair

Again a full day of technical tasting with three defined sessions.

Stems & Berries (Pinot Noir Masterclass, Blind)

Wild Bunch Lunch (Lesser Known Varieties, Regions and Styles)

Same Same but Different (Pinot Noir Masterclass, Blind)

The Oregon and Ontario events have only been held very recently, so no formal reporting is available. However, one of the primary objectives of trialling this new style of educational event, was to access trade and media previously inaccessible by New Zealand Winegrowers. This was achieved at both tastings.

Watch out for more collaborative events in the future.